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Taste of the East

St Alban's Most Acclaimed Indian & Nepali Restaurant

Kathmandu Restaurant

        Indian & Nepalese Cuisine

Authentic Food- Indian & Nepalese Cuisine in St Alban Vermont

Kathmandu Restaurant in St Alban serves the best Indian & Nepalese dishes in Vermont. Using the Vermont local fresh ingredients and the best cooking methods that go back to the hill of Mt Sagarmatha to bring to life the traditional and modern dishes of Indian & Nepalese.   


Enjoy the best taste of the Indian-Nepalese noodle soup.


Our mouthwatering chicken thali is the best dish to make your day brighter


Momo is the best traditional delicacy in Nepali & Neighboring countries


Chicken Thali

Chicken Thali

Noodle Soups

Our Story Begins In Nepal Refugee Camp

Kathmandu Restaurant was founded on May 5th, 2020, with the very best flavors of Nepal & India, regional spices, and traditional recipes. As the person who came from Nepal and knows the good taste of Indian and Nepali food.


We have resided in Vermont for many years and have tried foods from the Indian and Nepali restaurant in the State and have realized they miss that mouthwatering authentic taste of the really and truly Indian and Nepali food.  


After debating with our friends and family members, After debating a bit, we decided to open our own place that serves the authentic Nepali and Indian food.


"When you think of delicious food in Vermont, remember the Kathmandu Restaurant in St Alban"

Tham Magar, Owner

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